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Barbara Ann

So incase you guys weren’t aware we are heading in the last few days of Collabor88! Last chance to get all the super adorable businessy things for a steal! lol Also yesterday was Truth Hair Day! There were two releases! This one which I love its a bit edgy but still super fun! and the […]

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2000 Light Years From Home

I FINALLY  got my little behind to collab! and if you haven’t you only have a couple days left! Also Arcade will be starting soon and you can get this adorable bunny that goes with a hair as well from tableau vivant and some other super adorable plushies that hang out on your head.  Also […]

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Once Upon A Dream…

 So with all these events going around I wanted to do a fairy tale type picture! What better way than to show off the wonderful things at enchantment and the surreal complex!?! So in this picture I am little red riding hood thinking about her friend snow white. heehe its all way to adorable…literally I […]

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Twisted Color Challenge: Week 47: Dawn in Bayou

This Weeks Colors:  Dawn in Bayou Next Weeks Colors:  Heraldic Call   So As you guys saw in my last post the last few weeks have been nuts! I am going to attempt to get back to doing these on time for the last few weeks…So I will have every 2 days a new color […]

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Twisted Color Challenge: Week 46: Rosewood Mist

This Weeks Color: Rosewood Mist Next Weeks Colors:  Dawn in Bayou: Weee new week new colors!! So I am only wearing a tiny bit of this weeks colors cause i found a shirt that was the light blue BUT I had crashed at a collab and couldn’t get back in *cries* soooo I had already […]

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Twisted Color Challenge: Week 40: Coffee House

This Weeks Colors: Coffee House Next Weeks Colors: Bayside High Hey guys! So i bet you all thought oh Sookie forgot again didn’t you! lol nope not likely! I had a little bit of fun making this all fall like! Although I feel sorta like poop to be honest my sinuses have decided to start […]

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So have you been to arcade yet?!?! It’s awesome but if you are not a huge gacha fan why don’t you check out all the yard sales going on of the extras? It’s a wonderful way of getting what you want without having to go to the fair. Ok in other news though 2 awesome […]

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All We’d Ever Need

So this post really came about because I was working on my 52 WOCC post but none of the pictures turned out so I was frustrated and I just got dressed thought it was cute and I figured I would share with you guys! I don’t really have much to say other than I hope […]

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Center of Attention

So I think this maybe one of my favorite blog pictures….I am playing around to see what I can do picture wise and I have to say I really love this picture. I took the picture really big so I had soo much fun editing out those stupid lines! Other than that small pain in […]

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This is the story of a girl

I realized yesterday after I posted the last blog. I realized I cute off the the feet in the picture! So I figured I would show these super pretty shoes that ISON did for Collabor88. I seriously love the booties! They are perfect for the fall and the colors are so awesome. I went ahead […]

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