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Twisted Color Challenge: Week 36: Great White Way

This Weeks Color: Great White Way Next Weeks Color: Orchid House     So this week can I just say i totally lov this outfit although the top isn’t a baby blue enough? The reason I went with this is because the name is what people call broadway and well for some reason I got […]

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Twisted Color Challenge: Week 23: Beet Vibe

This Weeks Color: Beet Vibe Next Weeks Color: Gleefully Fresh So Arcade messed up my whole blogging on sundays at midnight thing! I am so sorry you guys! I am so glad that fameshed opened! I love those random flukes of nature when the worlds collide and creators release items that have my colors in […]

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A Lot in a Name

     It’s meme time!! yay!! I figured I’d show you guys some polka dot crazyness cause well polka dots are awesome! The past couple of collabs tres blah has been big on the polka dots! I really love this outfit! Anywho time for the meme! What’s you SL name? Sookie Triellis What made you choose […]

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Twisted Color Challenge: Week 14: Sangria’s Shadow

This Weeks Color: Sangria’s Shadow Next Weeks Color: Boysenberry Field This weeks color I seemed to have lots and lots of red items but not many of the kahki brown color. Honestly that was really hard for me to find! Also my picture makes me a bit sad! I had this cool idea of finding […]

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Social Media Meme

So our wonderful blogger extraordinaire Berry posted another meme! I have been slacking on the blogging so I figured I’d give you a sneaky peek into pose fair and show you a new release from Auxiliary! You are getting a three for one deal here! So let’s start with super cute dress from the ladies […]

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Twisted Color Challenge: Week 11: Crucible’s Pom

This Weeks Color: Crucible’s Pom Next Weeks Color: Hemingway in the Sienna I had fun mixing it up this week on my look! I went for a little more party girl a little less girl next door. I think I was successful in pushing the look a bit past my normal conservative cute girl next […]

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Beginning of Something New

So coldlogic is doing a photo contest! This is my entry and I am probably not going to win but I like trying anyway cause you never know right? If you are in the group you can get this super awesome dress which also comes in a black and white version as well! the whole […]

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Have A Very Merry X-MAS (NSFWISH)

So every year I do a Christmas themed post. Well This year I decided since Ruby released these awesome poses I would spice up my normal Christmas post! You are so welcome boys! Let’s face it sometimes its nice to let your hair down some! I enjoy when I can find a pose set that […]

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Great Gatsby

Yesterday we had a wonderful event that started called Cinema. It was put together by Hottie Cooterati which is an event group put together by the amazing Ruby Starlightwriter who us the owner of Exposeur. This event is amazing! What is going on theme wise is each designer/poser/furniture maker was assigned a movie genre and […]

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Fantasy Fair Spotlight: Ru Works

  With only 2 days left we are in the home stretch to pick up those items from the fantasy fair. So I figured I would show you one of the dresses available for the petite avatars out there. Ru works made this dress and its pretty cute it comes in a couple different colors. […]

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