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Twisted Color Challenge: Week 50: Redstone Mountains

This Weeks Colors:   Redstone Mountains Next Weeks Colors:  Festive Eve Hallo again!! annd After this post we will be on track for tomorrow!! yay!!!! woot woot! then you guys can yell at me if I get behind the last two weeks k? Also I can’t believe this challenge is almost over!! It’s crazy to me […]

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Twisted Color Challenge: Week 46: Rosewood Mist

This Weeks Color: Rosewood Mist Next Weeks Colors:  Dawn in Bayou: Weee new week new colors!! So I am only wearing a tiny bit of this weeks colors cause i found a shirt that was the light blue BUT I had crashed at a collab and couldn’t get back in *cries* soooo I had already […]

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Twisted Color Challenge: Week 44: Autumn Grasshopper

This Weeks Colors: Autumn Grasshopper Next Weeks Colors: Magician’s Life   Holy Cow time is flying by! So many things are going on in rl and I can’t keep up..*passes out from exhaustion* I at least got this psot done before work! yay!! who’s proud of me!?! Well I can’t really talk to long cause […]

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Twisted Color Challenge: Week 43: Beach Club

This Weeks Color: Beach Club Next Weeks Colors: Autumn Grasshopper So this week was fun for me I don’t know why but like I love this comfy yet dressy look I have going on. Like I am really digging it. I feel like its pretty different from what I normally wear in sl. Of course […]

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Twisted Color Challenge: Week 32: Evening Preserves

This Weeks Colors: Evening Preserves Next Weeks Colors: Wine Cellar      Hey everyone it’s a new week of colors! I didn’t get them quite right mine are too saturated but it’s still a fun color set! Of course I went to fameshed to get 90% of the outfit! Now the shoes are super cute! […]

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Pretty Woman

     This week has been full of crazy drama in sl. Personally I think it’s over some super silly stuff. It allowed me to shake my head a bit and also sorta gave me inspiration for this look. This is what I am calling my teacher look! I know I am odd but seriously […]

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the doctor_006

Twisted Color Challenge: Week 24: Gleefully Fresh

This Weeks Color:  Gleefully Fresh Next Weeks Color:  Royal Maple I love this weeks colors! it’s so summery! I jsut feel like traipsing about out on a beach! This high low skirt from !e is just perfect! fameshed is like a treasure trove this go around! I bet collabor88 is the same too! I am […]

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Twisted Color Challenge: Week 22: Autumn in Soho

This Weeks Color: Autumn in Soho I sorta didn’t get these colors right again :/ I know I am so bad! Lots of fun things are going on in sl right now though! Glam Affair released yet another beautiful skin! I will be doing a make up showing soon! and of Course we have the […]

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So I am a slacker on Berry’s memes! ugh! so this is gonna be a long post! lol So Plastik has released some fabulous jeans that I quite honestly haven’t taken off in a bout a week or so. So my slacker behind finally got around to doing a post on them! Just in time […]

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Fast Car

I am not sure if you heard it on thursday. If you did you know what I am talking about. I am talking about the collective squeal when Glam Affair FINALLY released there ever anticipated slink hands applier! I know when that happened I quite literally jumped up and and yelled and a few other embarrassing tidbits I wont […]

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