Twisted Color Challenge: Week 46: Rosewood Mist

This Weeks Color: Rosewood Mist Next Weeks Colors: ¬†Dawn in Bayou: Weee new week new colors!! So I am only wearing a tiny bit of this weeks colors cause i found a shirt that was the light blue BUT I had crashed at a collab and couldn’t get back in *cries* soooo I had already […]

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Twisted Color Challenge: Week 45: Magician’s Life

This Weeks Colors: Magician’s Life Next Weeks Colors: Rosewood Mist Ok so I am gonna apoplogize in advance I called the wrong color swatch the wrong name! I know I am so sorry! Anywho fameshed is open with wonderful new things! I of course have to show off the adorable tiara the Aida made! It’s […]

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Twisted Color Challenge: Week 44: Autumn Grasshopper

This Weeks Colors: Autumn Grasshopper Next Weeks Colors: Magician’s Life ¬† Holy Cow time is flying by! So many things are going on in rl and I can’t keep up..*passes out from exhaustion* I at least got this psot done before work! yay!! who’s proud of me!?! Well I can’t really talk to long cause […]

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Twisted Color Challenge: Week 43: Beach Club

This Weeks Color: Beach Club Next Weeks Colors: Autumn Grasshopper So this week was fun for me I don’t know why but like I love this comfy yet dressy look I have going on. Like I am really digging it. I feel like its pretty different from what I normally wear in sl. Of course […]

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Twisted Color Challenge: Week 42: Peruvian Way

This Weeks Color: Peruvian Way Next Weeks Colors: Beach Club So I didn’t go with a bright enough pink D: but I wanted to show off some stuff from collab! It’s such a pretty round this month! Like I had to get all the things! I couldn’t help it Anywho I love this look I […]

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Twisted Color Challenge: Week 41: Bayside High

This Weeks Colors: Bayside High Next Weeks Colors: Peruvian Way Last night the candy fair opened! So now everyone is going to get there toothaches before Halloween even gets here! This event has some pretty spectacular finds. My biggest grip of the fair is it’s not real easy to maneuver. usually I can just go […]

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Twisted Color Challenge: Week 40: Coffee House

This Weeks Colors: Coffee House Next Weeks Colors: Bayside High Hey guys! So i bet you all thought oh Sookie forgot again didn’t you! lol nope not likely! I had a little bit of fun making this all fall like! Although I feel sorta like poop to be honest my sinuses have decided to start […]

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Twisted Color Challenge: Week 39: French Quarter

This Weeks Color: French Quarter Next Weeks Color: Coffee House Hallo!! look it I am on time again woo!! lol Anyway I hope you guys are having a fantastic week! Just a little reminder not to forget about checking out the boutique! sooo much pretty stuff is out this week!! Also Glam Affair reopened!! Ince […]

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Twisted Color Challenge: Week 38: Hawthorne’s Dusk

This Weeks Color: Hawthorne’s Dusk Next Weeks Color: French Quarter Hey you guys! See I told you all I wouldn’t forget! Yay for being caught Back up! You have no idea how bad I feel about last week!Anywho I am showing you guys some more awesomeness from the Seasons Story! Also the new hair from […]

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Twisted Color Challenge: Week 37: Orchid House

This Weeks Color: Orchid House Next Weeks Color: Hawthorne’s Dusk Hi guys!! Soo I am soo sorry this about a week late! I thought I did this weeks blog already…I’m bad! In a way its awesome I didn’t cause I get to show you guys this fabulous dress from SYSY that is coming out tomorrow […]

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